How to Support, and What it Gets You

Welcome all new visitors, and welcome back to all old. Click here for a refresher on just what we’re doing and what The Under-Kings is all about.

For this novel to reach completion on or near schedule, it will need a constant stream of support. My wife and I have worked through the logistics, and as alluded in the previous post we have a donation scheme that should work for everyone and delight many.

Right out of the box, we have nine reward levels. For each tier we introduce a new reward, as a thank you to our loyal members and fans. The fun part is, the rewards cascade. So if you choose the Cadmium level, you also receive all of the benefits of Aluminum through Zinc. The reward levels are as follows:

  1. Aluminum ($5.00) – Our eternal gratitude
  2. Copper ($10.00) – A public shout-out — here, on Twitter, on Facebook
  3. Zinc ($25.00) – A printed thank-you in the book’s foreword
  4. Cadmium ($50.00) – A .PDF copy of The Under-Kings, delivered upon the novel’s completion
  5. Tin ($75.00) – A box of selected inspirational material
  6. Mercury ($100.00) – A selection of apocrypha, production materials, sketches, and photos
  7. Lead ($250.00) – A choice of either 12 chocolate chip cookies or 6 semi-sweet chocolate brownies, hand-baked by my wife
  8. Einsteinium ($500.00) – A name-check in a later chapter of The Under-Kings, plus a limited edition signed and bound hard copy of the novel
  9. Nobelium ($1,000.00) – A custom-written 5-10 page short story involving the above character with your name

For those who prefer to go rogue, you can always skip the reward structure and Paypal your preferred amount to novel (at) tairne (dot) com. Or if you wish to sidestep the whole Paypal thing, e-mail us at the same address to ask about hard contact info.

Member or not, I will continue to update this blog for you all as the writing develops. Later on, you can also expect some fun contests and activities. My hope is that everyone feels involved in the process.

Your enthusiasm is contribution enough. Though if you want to see the novel any time soon, I point you toward that Paypal button.

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